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Valrico, in Hillsborough county, began as a region of cotton plantations known as Long Pond.

The arrival of the Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad in 1890 brought many new immigrants from points north.

William G. Tousey, a philosophy professor from Tufts College, gave the community its current name, Spanish for "valley of gold".

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Forecast for Valrico, FL

1. Boomburbs

The newest additions to the suburbs, these communities are home to younger families with a busy, upscale lifestyle.

Median home value is $275,000 (and growing), and most households have two workers and two vehicles. Growth is characteristic of the communities-and the families.

2. Sophisticated Squires

Sophisticated Squires enjoy cultured country living in newer home developments with low density and a median value over $214,000.

These urban escapees are primarily families with children, college-educated and professionally employed, that have elected to commute to maintain their semi-rural lifestyle.

3. Up and Coming Families

Up and Coming Families represent the second highest growth market-and the youngest of the affluent family markets. These days, residents are more Gen X than Baby Boom.

Despite the cohort turnover, the profile remains young affluent families with young children. Homes are new, with a median value of $169,000.

Source: ESRI Business Information Solutions