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Treasure Island Real Estate Florida

Treasure Island has among the whitest and widest beaches in all of Florida. Appropriately named for its early history of pirates, Indians and buried treasure, the barrier island community known today as Treasure Island served as home to the mound builders known as the Timucuan Indians and pirates seeking sanctuary from the sea.

Treasure Island residents pride themselves in preserving the island's natural beauty. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, strolling down the near mile-long paved walkway along the sand or jumping the waves on a waverunner, Treasure Island's beautiful beaches are the perfect getaway.

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Forecast for Treasure Island, FL

1. Silver and Gold

These are the wealthiest seniors, predominantly retired from professional occupations, with a median age of 58 years.

Their affluence has afforded relocation to sunnier climates. More than half live in the South, mainly in Florida. California and Arizona are also popular. A quarter of the homes are located in the West.

Neighborhoods are exclusive, with median home value over $276,000 and a high share of seasonal housing.

2. Retirement Communities

Congregate housing, which commonly includes meals and other services with rent, is concentrated in this market.

Although retirement communities can also offer owner-occupied housing and nursing care facilities, most are characterized by congregate housing.

Denizens of Retirement Communities include well-educated retirees, almost a third aged 65 years or older, scattered throughout the U.S., but mainly city dwellers.

Median household income is $44,400, but median net worth is over $175,000.

3. Metropolitans

Metropolitans favor city living, in older neighborhoods populated by singles or childless couples.

The neighborhoods are an eclectic mix of single- and multi-family structures, with a median home value of $183,000.

Residents include both Gen X and retirees, but generally prosperous with a median household income over $55,000.

Source: ESRI Business Information Solutions