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St Petersburg real estate Florida

St. Petersburg and Pinellas County offer an unequaled environment for work and play. Wonderful weather and miles of sandy beaches, a relatively low cost of living, agreeable taxes and progressive employment opportunities draw people to the area from around the nation and the world.

Add to these amenities quality schools, colleges and universities, top-notch health care, affordable housing and outstanding arts and recreational facilities and it is easy to see why we are so attractive to new residents and visitors alike.

St. Petersburg Communities:

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The city of St Petersburg is currently experiencing growth both in business and residential subdivisions and communities.

Buying a home is not easy. As your real estate professional, we will help you not only understand the complex real estate market but also save you time and money.

We mave moved and relocated out-of-state families. Our focus is on your needs and will find or sell your home accordingly.

Our knowledge and professionalism will make your real estate experience a breeze.

Forecast for St Petersburg, FL

Old and Newcomers

Old and Newcomers are neighborhoods in transition, populated by renters, either starting up or retiring.

Many householders are in their twenties or over the age of 75. The median age, 36 years, simply splits the difference.

Spread throughout metropolitan areas of the US, these neighborhoods have more single-person and shared households than families. Many have moved recently.

Mid- or high-rise apartment buildings constructed in the 1970s dominate the housing market.

Social Security Set

Elderly and living alone characterize this market. More than four out of ten householders are over 65 years old.

This market has one of the lowest household incomes. Most live in low-rent, high-rise apartment buildings in large cities across the U.S.

Retirement Communities

Congregate housing, which commonly includes meals and other services with rent, is concentrated in this market.

Although retirement communities can also offer owner-occupied housing and nursing care facilities, most are characterized by congregate housing.

Denizens of Retirement Communities include well-educated retirees, almost a third aged 65 years or older, scattered throughout the U.S., but mainly city dwellers.

Median household income is $44,400, but median net worth is over $175,000.

Source: ESRI Business Information Solutions