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Gibsonton Real Estate

Gibsonton was famous as a sideshow wintering town, where various circus "freaks" would spend the off season.

It was home to Percilla the Monkey girl, the Anatomical Wonder and the Lobster Boy. Siamese twin sisters ran a fruit stand here. It is the only post office with a counter for dwarves.

Aside from the agreeable winter climate, Gibsonton offered unique circus zoning laws that allowed residents to keep elephants and circus trailers on their front lawns.

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Forecast for Gibsonton, FL- Tampa Bay Homes and Tampa Real Estate

1. Crossroads

Young, mobile families in mobile homes typify Crossroads. Found most often in small towns throughout the South and West, these growing neighborhoods are home to families with children, both married-couple and single parent.

Over half of these young families own mobile homes. Median home value is $56,400. Employment is mainly in the manufacturing, construction and retail sectors.

2. Rural Bypasses

Small towns and country back-roads, primarily in the South, are home to these families.

Most own their homes, either single-family homes, which make up two thirds of the housing stock or mobile homes.

Median home value is $55,500, and vacancies are higher. The local economy is dominated by the manufacturing and service sectors.

3. Southern Satellites

Southern Satellites are rural settlements, primarily in the South, that include a manufacturing and/or construction industry.

Single-industry employment dominates this market. Families in this market own newer, single-family or mobile homes, with a median value close to $79,000.

The market is slightly older, with a median age of 37 years.