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Brandon Real Estate

Brandon, FL was named after the settler, John Brandon, who founded the town in the 1850's.

The Railroad first arrived in 1890 and the depot was stationed on present-day Moon Avenue.

It's first census came in 1960 when the community's population was only 1,655.

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Forecast for Brandon, FL

1. Up and Coming Families

Up and Coming Families represent the second highest growth market-and the youngest of the affluent family markets.

These days, residents are more Gen X than Baby Boom. Despite the cohort turnover, the profile remains young affluent families with young children.

Homes are new, with a median value of $169,000.

2. Young and Restless

Change is the constant in this market. The population is young, with a median age under 29 years, and on the go, over 70 percent have moved in the past five years.

Still not settled, single-person or shared households are the standard, almost 60 percent of this growing segment.

The Young and Restless are renters, who favor multi-unit apartment buildings.

Many are college graduates; some are still enrolled in college. Median household income is almost $40,000.

3. Enterprising Professionals

This market is home to young, highly educated, working professionals.

Either single or recently married, they prefer newer neighborhoods with townhomes or apartments and renting to owning, typically in cities.

Household income exceeds expectations, with a median of almost $65,000, and their lifestyle reflects both youth and growing consumer clout.