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Belleair Beach Real Estate

The City of Belleair Beach, chartered in 1950, is an upscale residential community located on the West Coast of Florida, in Pinellas County.

Situated on a barrier island, the City serves as a home to families with children, empty nesters, retirees and seasonal residents.

Belleair Beach maintains a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with all the advantages of waterfront living and the charm of an old-fashioned neighborhood.

Belleair Beach residents are justifiably proud to have preserved one of the last strictly residential beach communities in Pinellas County.

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The City provides much in the way of outdoor recreation.

  • Beach goers make use of our 4500 feet of beach accessed through the City's four beach accesses and three resident-only beach parking areas.
  • Boaters enjoy the City's boat ramp and municipal marina.
  • For those seeking a park experience, the City maintains eleven public parks including Morgan Beach Park, the Belleair Causeway beach area, and Bayside Park.
  • The City also maintains two tennis courts and a basketball court near City Hall.

Forecast for Belleair Beach, FL- Tampa Bay Homes and Tampa Real Estate

1. Exurbanites

Open areas with affluence define exurban and the resident households.

Median home value is currently about $235,000, with a median household income over $80,000.

Homeowners are older, primarily empty nesters, professionally employed-with many who work from home.

2. Sophisticated Squires

Sophisticated Squires enjoy cultured country living in newer home developments with low density and a median value over $214,000.

These urban escapees are primarily families with children, college-educated and professionally employed, that have elected to commute to maintain their semi-rural lifestyle.

3. Rural Resort Dwellers

Rural Resort Dwellers follow the scenic route. Favoring milder climates and pastoral settings, the population resides in rural nonfarm areas throughout the U.S.

Their communities are small, but growing-primarily single-family or mobile homes, including a significant inventory of seasonal housing.

The population is older, with a median age of 46 years, and most are married with no children at home.

Although retirement officially looms for many, most are employed. Many are self-employed. Median household income is $43,000.