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Tampa Bay job market - Biomedical/ Healthcare

The Tampa Bay Job Market - Biomedical/ Healthcare

Tampa Bay has created a healthy economy ideal for hospitals, research and medical-related firms.

Plus, this region is the gateway to the Florida High-Tech corridor, a 23-county area that is home to more than 3,000 high tech companies.

Below are more details on Tampa Bay's Health Resources.


Tampa Bay is home to hundreds of medical technology companies, including medical device manufacturers and suppliers, pharmaceutical firms, cutting-edge biotech companies and information technology firms with a healthcare-related component.


Academic research is a key component of high-tech growth and a powerful economic engine.

The presence of cutting-edge research in the region is vital to technology transfer, which enables innovative ideas discovered in academia to achieve commercialization in the marketplace.

Tampa Bay has several powerhouse research centers that are engaged in both pure scientific research and aggressively pursuing technology transfer to enrich people's lives.


Education is the key to ensuring a healthy future for the Tampa Bay region.

Dozens of well-known universities, community colleges and technical schools offer the tools needed to for a well-trained workforce, from information technology and healthcare careers to science and medical technology.

Many schools also offer online distance learning, making it even easier for Tampa Bay residents to reach their educational goals.

Patient Care

With more than 50 hospitals, dozens of clinics and ambulatory care centers, the Tampa Bay has an abundance of top-rated health care facilities for children and adults.

The region also has a wealth of well-trained medical professionals - nearly 53,000 nurses and more than 9,200 physicians (including physician assistants) - provide care to Tampa Bay residents and visitors every year.

Source: The Communities of Tampa Bay