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Channelside Real Estate

Tampa Bay Condos Available by City:

Forecast for the Channelside District

1. Laptops and Lattes

The most eligible and unencumbered marketplace-they're affluent, single and still renting.

Laptops and Lattes are educated, professional and partial to city life, favoring major metropolitan areas like New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Median household income is over $87,000; median age is 38 years.

2. City Commons

Single persons or single parents head these very young households. With a median age of 24.2 years, this is one of the youngest markets. Many have young children.

These homes are commonly located in cities of large metropolitan areas where mid-rise buildings predominate.

Labor force participation is below average; employment in part-time jobs is common.

3. Social Security Set

Elderly and living alone characterize this market. More than four out of ten householders are over 65 years old.

This market has one of the lowest household incomes. Most live in low-rent, high-rise apartment buildings in large cities across the U.S

Source: ESRI Business Information Solutions