Looking to Increase Your Home’s Value? Consider the Addition of a Deck

Adding value to homes tends to be difficult to do. Once the interior is updated with quality upgrades and the landscaping looks nice, there does not seem to be a lot of ways to significantly boost a property’s value. However, one surefire way to do this is through the addition of more living space. But, instead of just adding an addition onto the home, consider adding a functional, beautiful deck. This will definitely add more style to the space. An outdoor deck extends the amount of space within the home, providing homeowners with more ways to enjoy their property.

How Does a Deck Add Value to a Home?

According to a report from U.S. News, adding a wooden deck to a home will provide the property owner with about an 81 percent recoup of his or her investment. That’s a sizable amount of money added to a home’s value. More importantly, though, those who plan to sell their home in the near future will find this is a fantastic selling point.

People are spending more time at home. As a result, they want more ways to enjoy their home. Decks offer numerous benefits including:

  • Space to relax and read a book or enjoy life in any way they would like to.
  • Add space to entertain and have friends over.
  • Add a way to unwind, such as with the addition of a hot tub or even an inground pool
  • Provides an opportunity to improve overall square footage—there’s more room for the family to spread out!
  • Allows for more space to enjoy hobbies like gardening.

There are many benefits to adding a deck, see it here. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the details.

Quality Matters

When rebuilding a deck, workmanship will play a big factor in the actual value added to a home. Hardwood timber decking could be one of the best. Experience matters here, but so does versatility. Homeowners who work with companies that can create exactly what they want and need can help ensure any investment is well worth it. For those who do not plan to sell a home, this space should fit their specific needs and lifestyle.

Working with a licensed and insured contractor is essential. Some projects can be done by homeowners, but building a deck requires an understanding of construction and permits and may require tools that a homeowner does not have. When selecting a contractor, choose one who knows the local area and weather patterns well. This helps ensure the deck can last a lifetime.

Materials Range Widely

When considering the process of building a deck, it is also important to think about the materials. Quality materials that can stand up to the weather and normal wear and tear ensure the deck provides long-lasting benefits. At the same time, property owners can invest in decking materials that are easier to manage, such as composite material. It is possible to choose from various woods as well, check out this website.

Make It Functional for Your Life

Next, consider the functionality of the deck. A simple open space is one option, but it is not necessarily the only option. Having built-in seating adds a bit of character. Solar-powered lights can help to extend the use of the deck well into the night.

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There’s no doubt that adding a deck onto a home is an excellent way to add value to that property when it is done professionally and with an eye for details. The right contractor can help with this by ensuring the property owner a wide range of options to choose from in both customizations and materials such as retaining walls and pathways built with stone pavers. Done well, this is an investment the homeowner needs to make just one time in their home, but it will provide years of beauty and function.