Month: January 2017

Cheap Tampa Bay Home Improvements That Pay Off

Consider these cost-vs.-value findings on the cheapest and most cost-effective Tampa Bay home improvement projects if you’re thinking about doing some improvements on your home. According to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report (, there are three home improvement projects for Tampa Bay homeowners that cost only $1,317, $1,368 and $1,649, but will bring a resale value of 155%,…

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Selling Your Home? Highlight 10 Things That Many Homebuyers Want

As a home seller, you will attract more inquiries if you highlight things that most homebuyers want in your online listings, flyers and emails. What do homebuyers want? Obviously, homebuyers differ in their preferences, as people have different circumstances and needs. Some put access to good schools as their number one criterion if they have school-age children. Others prioritize access…

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