Month: March 2016

Wire Transfer Scams in Real Estate Still Prevalent, NAR and FTC Warns

Despite countless warnings about wire transfer scams in real estate transactions, there are still homebuyers whose down-payment and closing-cost money sent through wire transfers are being stolen by email hackers and scammers according to the NAR and FTC. Scammers are still able to use old tricks on their victims because they have become more sophisticated and subtle in their ways,…

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More Buyers, Less Inventory Push Up Tampa Bay Home Prices

The supply of all types of Tampa Bay homes has been lingering at a low four months’ supply for many months now. And this is one of the reasons why the median and average prices of Tampa Bay homes have been steadily rising. Based on data from the My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service Inc., the median sale price of all types of…

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Californians and Texans Among Largest Groups of Florida Migrants

New Yorkers and other Easterners have been known to be the largest groups of Florida migrants over the years. What have been less known is that there are two groups of westerners that have also been among these largest groups that have migrated to Florida — Texans and Californians. In the 2014 Census Bureau’s State-to-State Migration survey, Texas was No….

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Single Females Continue to be Second Largest Homebuying Group

Single females continue to be the second largest homebuying group in the U.S., based on annual studies of homebuying trends in the U.S. by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Since the 1990s, single women have surpassed their male counterparts in home ownership.   In 2015, out of all homebuyers, 15% were single females, six percentage points more than single males…

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