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Interesting Tampa Bay News

In this great post to read you should find seven interesting news items that are giving a boost to the Tampa Bay real estate market! 1. The first Crystal Lagoon in the US will open in 2018 in the Epperson Ranch community in Wesley Chapel. Crystal Lagoon is a 7.5-acre man-made lagoon that contains 16 million gallons of purified water…

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More Tampa Bay Jobs, More Tampa Bay Real Estate Transactions

The creation of Tampa Bay jobs has been continuous since private and public institutions have intensified their efforts to work together to attract business people and companies to the Tampa Bay area. As more people get jobs  or relocate to take on these jobs, there is one sector that also gets more active as families find places to stay, and…

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Greater Tampa is the Third Most Cost-Friendly Business Location in the U.S.

Among the 31 largest metro areas in the U.S., the Tampa metro area is the third most cost-friendly business location, according to the 2016 Competitive Alternatives study by tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP. These 31 metro areas have populations of 2 million or more. Greater TAMPA has a cost index of 94.6, more than five points below the baseline…

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More Companies, More Job Opportunities in Tampa Bay

Companies continue to expand here in the Tampa Bay area. Business-friendly regulations, high-quality workforce, desirable business locations, good weather, affordable housing for employees, world-class airports and a premier cargo and cruise port — these are attracting companies to locate and expand here.   Here are the companies that have grown their operations here or have decided to expand here in…

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7 Recent Best Cities Lists Highlight Tampa

Come to TAMPA and experience why our city has been on many Best Cities lists over the years. Through the years, the city of TAMPA and the whole Tampa Bay area have been recognized by various organizations and entities through their Best lists and their Top lists. The Tampa Bay area is blessed with good weather all year, located in income-tax-free…

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Prices Paid to Tampa Hotels Show City’s Popularity Among Travelers

TAMPA is among the 50 Most Popular Cities for both American and foreign travelers in 2014, based on’s report on actual hotel bookings and actual prices paid by travelers per night in the first half of 2014. It ranked 24th in average price paid by American travelers for hotel accommodation and it ranked 31st in average price paid by…

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11 Companies Create High-Paying Tampa Jobs in 2015

They’re creating Tampa jobs. These 11 companies and more are. Add to these the companies owned by Jeff Vinik who has been pursuing his $1-billion redevelopment effort for Tampa’s waterfront district, some time after he purchased the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2010. These are the companies that are expanding and creating jobs for people in the Tampa Bay region: 1….

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