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Top Schools in Pasco County, based on Florida School Grades

Here are the Top 30 Schools in Pasco County, based on the school grades and total points released by the Florida Department of Education in July 2016. The department released school grades for more than 3,000 elementary, high, middle and combination schools across the state, using a grading system based on the Florida Standards Assessment. The school grading system considered…

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A-Rated Schools Fairly Distributed Around Tampa, Hillsborough County

If access to A-rated schools is one of your non-negotiable criteria in looking for a Tampa home, you will be happy to know that A-rated and B-rated schools are fairly distributed around Tampa and across Hillsborough County.   Using the lists of schools in the 8 geographical areas set by the Hillsborough School District and the 2010-2014 school grades issued…

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