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More Tampa Bay Jobs, More Tampa Bay Real Estate Transactions

The creation of Tampa Bay jobs has been continuous since private and public institutions have intensified their efforts to work together to attract business people and companies to the Tampa Bay area. As more people get jobs  or relocate to take on these jobs, there is one sector that also gets more active as families find places to stay, and…

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Down Payment Assistance for Tampa Bay First Time Homebuyers

You could be eligible for this Down Payment Assistance! The $15,000 Florida Hardest Hit Fund Down Payment Assistance (HHF-DPA) is now offered to all first time homebuyers in the three Tampa Bay counties: Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties. This is administered by the Florida Housing Finance Corp. Previously, this program was offered only to homebuyers in Hillsborough. Now, buyers in…

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$100 Has More Value in Florida

Florida is one of 35 states where $100 is worth more. According to the Tax Foundation, which used 2014 consumer price data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, $100 is worth $100.91 in Florida, meaning we can buy $100.91 worth of goods or services in Florida with our $100. The following 15 states are those where goods or services are…

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Second Most Active in Florida in April

The Tampa Bay real estate market was the second most active market among 22 large metro areas in FLORIDA in April 2016, second only to the Miami metro area. It surpassed the Orlando and Jacksonville metro areas, which ranked third and fourth, respectively, in residential sales activity. A total of 4,199 Tampa single-family homes were sold, 13 units more than the…

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Is Florida’s Property Tax Rate Among the Lowest?

Is it among the 10 lowest? No. Among the 15 lowest? No. But Florida’s median property tax rate, 1.32%, is less than half of the highest median property tax rate, 2.67%, which is the rate of Illinois, according to a report by CoreLogic Inc. And it’s almost the same as the national median property tax rate, which is 1.31%. In…

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U.S. Home Sellers in March Earned Biggest Gains Since 2007

U.S. homeowners who sold their homes in March 2016 earned an average rate of 17% or average amount of $30,500 over the amount they originally paid for their homes, the highest average rate or amount gained by home sellers since December 2007, according to RealtyTrac’s report, based on studies of county sales deeds in more than 900 counties across the…

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Real Estate Tax Ranking Shows Higher Values of Tampa Bay Homes

We always want lower real estate tax amounts, but on the other hand, we also understand that the higher our real estate taxes are, the higher the value of our properties. This ranking below of average real estate taxes in Florida’s 67 counties shows that Tampa Bay homes have among the highest values in the state of Florida. Average real…

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Californians and Texans Among Largest Groups of Florida Migrants

New Yorkers and other Easterners have been known to be the largest groups of Florida migrants over the years. What have been less known is that there are two groups of westerners that have also been among these largest groups that have migrated to Florida — Texans and Californians. In the 2014 Census Bureau’s State-to-State Migration survey, Texas was No….

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Tampa Bay Homes 7th Most Affordable in Florida in January 2016

Tampa Bay homes are still affordable despite the continuing increase in home prices in the area. Based on Florida Realtors’ data on the median sale prices of single-family homes across Florida in January 2016, the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan statistical area (MSA), or the Tampa Bay metro area, is the seventh most affordable housing market among the 20 MSAs across Florida….

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Florida Real Estate Markets Had Biggest Price Increase Rates

Out of 179 major US metro areas, 12 FLORIDA metro real estate markets posted the biggest growth rates in the median prices of single family homes sold in the last quarter of 2015, based on data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With a growth rate of 25.2%, the Jacksonville, Florida metro area posted the biggest rate of increase…

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Celebrities with Waterfront Homes in Florida

Why do celebrities come to live in Florida? Of course, many know the answer. They come to enjoy the weather, the beaches, the golf courses, and the most-often-mentioned income-tax-free life. They also come to enjoy waterfront homes. Celebrities love waterfront homes, as these homes evoke the feeling of living in a magnificent resort while basking in the privacy of one’s own abode….

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Preferred by Canadian, Swedish, British Buyers

The Tampa Bay real estate market continues to be among the favorites of international real estate buyers, particularly Canadian, Swedish and British buyers. This is based on the Florida Realtors’ report titled Profile of International Home Buyers in Florida 2015. Of the total international sales of Tampa Bay homes over the 12-month period ended June 2015, Canadian buyers accounted for 31%….

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Is 11th Most Affordable in Florida

Of the 22 metropolitan residential real estate markets in Florida, the Tampa Bay metro market, also known as the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan real estate market, is the 12th most affordable residential real estate market in Florida as of the third quarter of 2015, based on the Housing Opportunity Index (HOI), which is computed quarterly by the National Association of Home…

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Florida Continues to be Top Migration Destination

FLORIDA continues to be among the top US states in attracting people from other states, based on reports from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and top moving companies Atlas Van Lines Inc. and United Van Lines in 2014 and over the past years. In 2014, based on the American Community Survey, a total of 546,501 out-of-state residents moved to…

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A-Rated Schools Fairly Distributed Around Tampa, Hillsborough County

If access to A-rated schools is one of your non-negotiable criteria in looking for a Tampa home, you will be happy to know that A-rated and B-rated schools are fairly distributed around Tampa and across Hillsborough County.   Using the lists of schools in the 8 geographical areas set by the Hillsborough School District and the 2010-2014 school grades issued…

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