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More Tampa Bay Jobs, More Tampa Bay Real Estate Transactions

The creation of Tampa Bay jobs has been continuous since private and public institutions have intensified their efforts to work together to attract business people and companies to the Tampa Bay area. As more people get jobs  or relocate to take on these jobs, there is one sector that also gets more active as families find places to stay, and…

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$100 Has More Value in Florida

Florida is one of 35 states where $100 is worth more. According to the Tax Foundation, which used 2014 consumer price data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, $100 is worth $100.91 in Florida, meaning we can buy $100.91 worth of goods or services in Florida with our $100. The following 15 states are those where goods or services are…

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Is Florida’s Property Tax Rate Among the Lowest?

Is it among the 10 lowest? No. Among the 15 lowest? No. But Florida’s median property tax rate, 1.32%, is less than half of the highest median property tax rate, 2.67%, which is the rate of Illinois, according to a report by CoreLogic Inc. And it’s almost the same as the national median property tax rate, which is 1.31%. In…

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Californians and Texans Among Largest Groups of Florida Migrants

New Yorkers and other Easterners have been known to be the largest groups of Florida migrants over the years. What have been less known is that there are two groups of westerners that have also been among these largest groups that have migrated to Florida — Texans and Californians. In the 2014 Census Bureau’s State-to-State Migration survey, Texas was No….

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Florida Continues to be Top Migration Destination

FLORIDA continues to be among the top US states in attracting people from other states, based on reports from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and top moving companies Atlas Van Lines Inc. and United Van Lines in 2014 and over the past years. In 2014, based on the American Community Survey, a total of 546,501 out-of-state residents moved to…

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Prices Paid to Tampa Hotels Show City’s Popularity Among Travelers

TAMPA is among the 50 Most Popular Cities for both American and foreign travelers in 2014, based on’s report on actual hotel bookings and actual prices paid by travelers per night in the first half of 2014. It ranked 24th in average price paid by American travelers for hotel accommodation and it ranked 31st in average price paid by…

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5 Awesome Recent News Stories About Florida

Residents of Florida, the Sunshine State, have been getting some sunshiny news stories!  Here are five of them: 1.   Tourism in Florida continues to surge  More than 54 million tourists visited Florida in the first half of 2015, according to Florida’s tourism agency Visit Florida. That’s the biggest number so far for a six-month period in Florida’s history. For the second quarter…

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Florida Real Estate Market Remains Most Popular Abroad

The Florida real estate market was again the most popular residential market in the U.S. to foreign homebuyers over the 12-month period from April 2014 to March 2015. Of the 209,000 homes sold to foreign buyers over the said 12-month period, 21% were in Florida.   The Florida real estate market has been the top selling U.S. market in the international…

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