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More Athletes Choosing Tampa for Retirement: Vincent Jackson, Vincent Lecavalier

Former Tampa Bay Lightning player Vincent Lecavalier and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson are the latest athletes who have warmly expressed their love of Tampa and their desire to retire here. There are other cities to choose from, including the places where they grew up, but they say TAMPA is home, and they want to retire here. Obviously, they feel a…

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Celebrities with Waterfront Homes in Florida

Why do celebrities come to live in Florida? Of course, many know the answer. They come to enjoy the weather, the beaches, the golf courses, and the most-often-mentioned income-tax-free life. They also come to enjoy waterfront homes. Celebrities love waterfront homes, as these homes evoke the feeling of living in a magnificent resort while basking in the privacy of one’s own abode….

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4 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Tampa Bay Area as of May 2012

The four most expensive homes for sale as of May 2012 in the Tampa Bay area — in the counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco — have easy access to water. Three of them are on the Intracoastal Waters that have access to the Gulf of Mexico and the fourth one is near lakes. These are the four most expensive…

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Notable Home Sales in South Florida in 2010

Despite the current doldrums in the residential real estate sector in Florida and in all other U.S. states, home sales happen that make people notice because of their sales prices or the circumstances behind the sales. Here are some of the most notable home sales in Florida in 2010: Biggest Home Sale in Palm Beach A seven-bedroom Venetian Mediterranean-style oceanfront…

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Celebrities Sell Their Homes at a Loss Too

It’s not only ordinary homeowners that are struggling from declining home values;  celebrities too. And they’re losing money not by the thousands, but by the millions. Recent home sales or listings by celebrities showed that they initially priced their homes much higher than their purchase prices, but were forced to reduce their prices to even lower than how much they’ve…

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