Cheap Tampa Bay Home Improvements That Pay Off

Consider these cost-vs.-value findings on the cheapest and most cost-effective Tampa Bay home improvement projects if you’re thinking about doing some improvements on your home.

According to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report (, there are three home improvement projects for Tampa Bay homeowners that cost only $1,317, $1,368 and $1,649, but will
bring a resale value of 155%, 80% and 101%, respectively.

The following three cheap home improvement projects bring in the most resale value for Tampa Bay homeowners, according to the report:

1. Attic insulation using fiberglass loosefill
Cost is $1,317.
Resale value is 155% of the cost.

2. Entry door replacement using steel unit
Cost is $1,368.
Resale value is 80% of the cost.

3. Roof improvement

Resale value is 150% of the cost.

Job costs were estimated by RemodelMAX and resale values were computed using estimates given by nearly 4,000 real estate professionals surveyed in 2015. These Roofing contractors ellicott city md can give you reasonable costs for a really good job.

Here are short descriptions of the home improvement projects:

Attic insulation using fiberglass loosefill

To prevent air leakage, a 35-by-30 attic floor is air-sealed. The attic is further insulated by fiberglass loosefill to reach an insulation value of R-30.

Entry door replacement using steel unit

The existing entry door is replaced with a new factory-finished 20-gauge steel unit and the existing locket set is replaced by one of the local commercial locksmith services with a new bored-lock (get more info).

Garage door replacement

The existing garage door is replaced with a new 4-section single-layer garage door on new galvanized steel tracks. The new door uses galvanized steel hinges and nylon rollers.

Two other relatively-not-so-expensive home improvement projects that pay off well, according to the report, are the following:

4. Replacement of front facade’s vinyl siding with manufactured stone veneer
Cost is 7,870.
Resale value is 88% of the cost.

5. Minor Kitchen Remodel
Cost is 19,613.
Resale value is 85% of the cost.

Manufactured stone veneer involves removing existing vinyl siding from the bottom third of the front facade and replacing it with manufactured stone veneer.

Minor kitchen remodel involves replacing the fronts of old cabinetry, drawers and countertops with new shaker-style wood panels and hardware.
Replacement of cooktop and refrigerator with new energy-efficient models, installation of new sink and faucet and replacement of flooring and wall covering are also done. It took me awhile to figure out what faucet I was wanting, I found this kitchen faucet guide on that helped me make the right choice. Are the most cost-effective home improvements in Tampa Bay also the same in other US cities?

Yes, the five home improvements described above are also the most cost-effective in other US cities, but with different costs and resale value percentages.