Tampa Has More Pet-Friendly Listings Than St. Petersburg and Clearwater

In Zumper’s ranking of the Most Pet Friendly Cities in the U.S. for the year 2016, St. Petersburg was No. 1 and Tampa was No. 5.

Zumper, an apartment and house rental website, said that it used three measures to rank 95 U.S. cities:
– Percentage of Zumper listings
– Cost of dog and cat insurance premiums and number of veterinarians, pet stores and pet restaurants.

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– Number of dog parks, percentage of city devoted to parkland, WalkScore, and number of pleasant days per year

St. Petersburg ranked No. 1 largely because of the high percentage of its cat friendly listings, veterinarians, pet restaurants and pet stores.

But good news for Tampa homeowners or pet lovers looking for Tampa homes, it’s TAMPA that has the highest number and percentage of pet friendly listings among the three major cities of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area: Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. We looked at My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service’s active residential listings in these cities as of July 26, 2016, and we found these:

TAMPA has 70% of its active listings pet-friendly. Out of 2,592 active listings, 1,813 allowed pets.

Clearwater has 69% of its active listings pet-friendly. Out of 1,029 active listings, 713 allowed pets.

St. Petersburg has 60% of its active listings pet-friendly. Out of 2,197 active listings, 1,324 allowed pets.

The above number of listings include single-family homes, condos, townhouses, villas, mobile homes, half-duplexes and condotels.

Of the listings that specified the sizes of pets allowed, listings that allowed small-sized pets were the biggest in number. Small-sized pets were specified in 118 listings in Tampa, 309 listings in St. Petersburg and 186 listings in Clear water.

In Zumper’s ranking of the Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the U.S., here are the Top 20:

1      ST. PETERSBURG, Florida
2      Seattle, Washington
3      Portland, Oregon
4      Arlington, Virginia
5     TAMPA, Florida
6     New Orleans, Louisiana
7     Albuquerque, New Mexico
8     Atlanta, Georgia
9    Sacramento, Californai
10  Austin, Texas
11  St. Louis, Missouri
12  Washington, D.C.
13  Denver, Colorado
14  Richmond, Virginia
15  Jersey City, New Jersey
16  Minneapolis, Minnesota
17  ORLANDO, Florida
18  Fremont, California
19  Cincinnati, Ohio
20  Chicago, Illinois

Of the top 95 U.S. Cities ranked by Zumper, only five Florida cities were listed:

No.  1     St. Petersburg
No.  5     TAMPA
No. 17   Orlando
No. 48   Miami
No. 91  Jacksonville