Month: February 2016

Tampa Bay Homes 7th Most Affordable in Florida in January 2016

Tampa Bay homes are still affordable despite the continuing increase in home prices in the area. Based on Florida Realtors’ data on the median sale prices of single-family homes across Florida in January 2016, the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan statistical area (MSA), or the Tampa Bay metro area, is the seventh most affordable housing market among the 20 MSAs across Florida….

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More Companies, More Job Opportunities in Tampa Bay

Companies continue to expand here in the Tampa Bay area. Business-friendly regulations, high-quality workforce, desirable business locations, good weather, affordable housing for employees, world-class airports and a premier cargo and cruise port — these are attracting companies to locate and expand here.   Here are the companies that have grown their operations here or have decided to expand here in…

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Easy Custom Home Search for YOU

Just like what the cute video below shows, you can easily do your Custom Home Search on TAMPA4U.COM using your phone. You can just type in, or choose, or check whatever your looking for in a home — your dream home. And if ever you don’t like this search approach, you can just search by City, by Communities, by County,…

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Florida Real Estate Markets Had Biggest Price Increase Rates

Out of 179 major US metro areas, 12 FLORIDA metro real estate markets posted the biggest growth rates in the median prices of single family homes sold in the last quarter of 2015, based on data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With a growth rate of 25.2%, the Jacksonville, Florida metro area posted the biggest rate of increase…

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Celebrities with Waterfront Homes in Florida

Why do celebrities come to live in Florida? Of course, many know the answer. They come to¬†enjoy the weather, the beaches, the golf courses, and the most-often-mentioned income-tax-free life. They also come to enjoy waterfront homes. Celebrities love waterfront homes, as these homes evoke the feeling of living in a¬†magnificent resort while basking in the privacy of one’s own abode….

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Sarasota and Pinellas Homes Dominated Tampa Bay Luxury Sales in 2015

A total of 1,121 luxury homes in the Tampa Bay counties of Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota were sold in 2015, and most of these were located in Sarasota and Pinellas. The types of Tampa Bay luxury homes sold were as follows: 862 single-family homes 243 condos 13 townhouses 2 condo-hotels 1 half-duplex The table below shows that…

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