Month: September 2013

More Companies, More Jobs in Tampa

More companies are creating jobs in Tampa! In the third quarter of 2013, at least four companies have expanded their operations in the Tampa Bay area, energizing private and public sectors, and creating exciting job opportunities for residents and newly arrived professionals, for those who are relocating to Tampa and don’t have too much belongings a man with a van…

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Shows Continued Strength in July 2013

Sales volumes and sales prices rose significantly over the year in the Tampa Bay real estate market in July 2013, based on data released by Florida Realtors. In the four Tampa Bay counties, a total of 4,799 housing units were sold in July 2013, of which 3,534 were single family homes and villas, and 1,265 were townhouses and condos. Pasco…

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Buyers of Tampa Bay Homes Willing to Pay More

Tampa Bay homes continue to be popular among homebuyers.  And these buyers are willing to pay more because they are realizing that the inventory is dwindling fast.  The pace at which these homes are getting snapped up, the decline in listings, and the rising  number of buyers have been pushing up home prices.  As shown in the sales charts, home…

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