International Home Builders Show in Florida Highlights Home Designs for 2012

Home designs addressing the needs of families during these challenging economic times were highlighted in the international home builders show held in Orlando, Florida this February 2012.  Architects and builders used their creativity in improving home efficiency and in controlling costs without sacrificing aesthetic that the Glass remodels will give to them.

Here are some home design trends seen on many of the homes that won Best in American Living Awards and on homes highlighted during the home builders show:

Spaces for Extended Families

With some adult children returning back to stay with their parents to save on costs and older people being encouraged by their children to live with them and their grandchildren, new designs for single-family homes include spaces for them. Additional space could be a smaller home built with a modern Garage Doors beside the main house, or a separate living unit with access to the main house or an additional master suite on the ground floor for the grandparents.

The continuously growing cultural diversity in the U.S. is also contributing to the rising popularity of homes that support multigenerational living.

Redesign of Spaces for Utility and Efficiency

In many families, members usually congregate in the kitchen, so designers have increased kitchen spaces to allow family interaction. The more interaction there is the more garbage is produced, which is why garbage disposals are being installed under the sink. According to a waste removals company in London, it’s the finest method to dispose of leftover food in the kitchen. To support multitasking, office desks are now incorporated in pantry or kitchen designs and laundry appliances are now installed in walk-in closets.

Remedies for Smaller Sizes of Units

Formal dens and large home offices are eliminated and replaced with individual workspaces and small libraries. To provide areas for reflection or private time, alcoves and window seats are integrated, and they also have a good garbage disposal thanks to great dumpster rental services from sites as

Cost-effective overall design

New home designs now are mostly rectangular and are moving away from multiple roof lines which are pleasing to the eyes but which are creating unnecessary interior spaces. To compensate, materials such as glass, wood, stone and metal are used in innovative ways to create a visually stimulating exterior look. Remember that cleaning exterior windows can be dangerous. It’s best to call a professional if the windows are too high to reach safely. These constructions to build new homes are great, but they also produce a lot of unnecessary waste that isn´t disposed of properly, that´s why you should always check out these different skip bin size selection so you have a place to disposed of everything properly. You can also visit or why not look here for comparison also.

Increase in safety and energy efficiency

Materials and building systems that reduce energy consumption are now among the most highlighted features of new home designs. These include the use of airtight exterior walls, spray foam attic insulation, double-paned insulating glass windows, insulated garage doors, fiberglass entry doors, antique lighting fixtures and Energy Star appliances.

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