Health Care Developments Good for Tampa Commercial Real Estate Sector

There are several major health care developments in Tampa that are helping energize the Tampa commercial real estate sector. Some are projects that are still in the planning stage and the others are either under construction or were completed in the last months of 2011.

Moffitt Cancer Center Leases Large Space at Intellicenter One in Telecom Park

Moffitt Cancer Center, the only comprehensive cancer center of the National Cancer Institute in Florida, has leased 128,759 square feet at the four-story office building Intellicenter, where they care about the best health care centers and in home care services, since now a days you can even start an in home care franchise, with the help of guides online for this. One in Telecom Park for its administrative and business support functions. The office lease will free up space at the main cancer center for serving patients and mission critical activities. Among the winning features of this Tampa commercial real estate property are its state-of-the-art facilities that can support medical activities and its energy-efficient roofing and glass walls. The building is also close to Moffitt Cancer Center. Considering placing your home on the market? According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a new roof increases home resale value by a national average of nearly 12,000. Plus, installing a new roof is an excellent appearance upgrade that will attract more buyers. Roofing contractors Charlottesville can answer questions or offer suggestions to help you find the service that meets your specific needs. On roofingmarketingpros website you will get more info on the best roofing contractor marketing company.

University of South Florida Rehabilitation Center and Morsani College of Medicine

These two building projects are still in the planning stage, but a seed funding of $20 million has already been committed for the construction of the proposed $60-million six-story medical college by philanthropists Frank and Carol Morsani, principal owners of national automobile dealership chain Automotive Investments who sell along their trucks the truck bed kayak rack. The University of South Florida Foundation is also pursuing efforts to gather funds for the college. Some of the innovations that emerged during the Civil War include the development of field hospitals, the discovery of the link between immediate treatment and survival rates, and establishment of the connection between sanitation and infection prevention. World War I brought recognition of psychological damage resulting from war, along with the first blood banks and common use of blood transfusions. During World War II field doctors implemented widespread use of penicillin in wound care, and advances in orthopedic devices and procedures were significant. And, who would have thought of the helicopter as a medical device? The Korean and Vietnam wars brought air ambulance services into use, decreasing mortality due to war wounds, an application that has had a great impact in civilian emergency medicine. You can a fantastic read for more about the desert mobile medical. Addiction is a distressing experience for the addict and those who are close to that person. Addiction treatment, at its core, is about providing a healing experience that can bring about a profound change in that person’s overall quality of life through behavioral changes and improved coping skills. The best way to get that experience is through our luxury rehab South Florida. Many rehabs are designed to provide only the most crucial aspects of addiction treatment; however, they often don’t provide the right type of setting that promotes the healing experience. At our luxury rehab, we aim to provide both high-end treatments along with a treatment setting that can amplify the healing process. One can expect to have various luxuries such as fully-furnished rooms, a favorable patient-to-staff ratio, and healthy, organic food among other things at our luxury rehab. The rehab program is also more resource-intensive, which means that greater emphasis is put into personalized and individual caregiving the best that personalized treatment can offer. A luxury alcohol rehab is about offering the best forms of clinical care for addiction while also providing many of the luxuries that life has to offer. It can be seen as a break from one’s life and provides you with the platform that is needed to go through significant positive changes in your life, eventually returning to your life feeling renewed and healthy again after an addiction.

The $20 million seed funding was the biggest health care charitable donation in 2011 in Florida, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. It was also the fourth biggest donation among 34 big donations of all types in the state.

The proposed $160-million ten-story rehabilitation center, meanwhile, is yet to receive its first funding commitment, but proponents hope that they can obtain federal funding as the center would be devoted to the rehabilitation of veterans and their reintegration into society and is close to the MacDill Air Force Base and the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital. State and local government funding, together with entrepreneurial sources are also expected.



University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS)

This $30 million state-of-the-art high-tech simulation and training center features a graduate biomedical training center for USF Health, an interdisciplinary research laboratory, an auditorium, a virtual hospital, and general-purpose classrooms. CAMLS trains surgeons from various U.S. states on performing computer-assisted, image-guided, and robotic surgeries, together with other health professionals such as doctors and nurses.

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital

This $75 million five-story 125,000-square-foot hospital, located along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is dedicated to serving women and infants. It features 64 neonatal intensive care suites, 36 suites for new mothers and a 16-bed facility for medical and surgical patients. It also operates the Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Breast Center. The hospital is part of the ten-hospital nonprofit BayCare Health System.

There are other health care construction projects in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon and Western Chapel that were either completed in 2011 or are still on-going. Certainly these are energizing the Tampa commercial real estate sector and construction industry.

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