Tampa Condos in the $200k to $250K Price Range Are Among Most In Demand

Among the higher priced Tampa condos listed for sale in 2011, those in the $200K to $250K were the most popular, based on the November 2011 report released by the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors. A total of 199 condo, townhouse and co-op units were sold over the period from January to November 2011, with the most number of units sold in June and August. This price range accounted for 4.4 percent of the 4,569 condos, townhomes and co-ops sold over the 11-month period.

In the lower-priced category, the less-than-$50K condos, co-ops and townhomes were the most in demand, as this price range is also the target of investors. Bulk sale of investment units is often the type of transaction that pushes up the volume of sales in this range. A total of 1,573 units were sold through the 11-month period, accounting for 34.4 percent of total sales of condos, co-ops and townhomes.

The second and third most in demand price ranges in the lower-priced category were the $50K to $60K price range and the $60K and $70K price range, which had sales of 432 units and 402 units, respectively.

On the highest end of the price spectrum, only a few decided to buy. Through the 11-month period, only three bought units priced at $1 million and above, only one bought between $900K and $1 million, and only 19 buyers purchased units priced between $600K and $900K.

All in all, a total of 2,679 condos, 1,884 townhouses, 6 co-ops, 14,985 single family homes, 506 mobile homes, 448 villas and 110 other types of homes were sold over the January to November 2011 period, making a total of 20,618 units. The average list price was $158,793 and the average sale price was $150,266. The lowest average sale price was $32,531 and the highest sale price was $2,052,734.

What Can Buyers Get for $200K to $250K, the Most In Demand Higher Price Range?

They can get beautiful homes with spectacular views of the ocean or a chain of lakes and access to facilities needed for modern living. Here are some Tampa condos or units in the Tampa Bay area currently on sale:

  • A $209,000 one-bedroom fully furnished condo at Sunset Reef along Gulf Boulevard in Redington Shores. Buyers have two parking spaces, access to white sandy shores, and spectacular sunsets.
  • A $210,000 three-bedroom second-floor multi-story condo at Shores of Long Bayou in St. Petersburg. It is located in a 77-acre nature preserve, has views of the beautiful bay and at the same time it’s just five minutes to the beach.
  • A $249,000 two-bedroom condo at Clearwater Point on Bayway Boulevard in Clearwater. Buyers can enjoy Southwest views, a secluded beach and three pools.

There are other Tampa condos as beautiful as these, if not more beautiful. Contact Tampa4U.com.