Florida Homes for Sale – Among Most Popular in 2Q

Florida was one of only six U.S. states which posted an increase in seasonally adjusted annual sales of existing single-family homes, apartment condos and coops in the second quarter of this year. This means that Florida homes for sale are still among the most popular among buyers and investors.

The six states which posted a year-over-year increase in their seasonally adjusted annual existing home sales during the second quarter were the following:

Arizona 9.2 %
Wyoming         9.1 %
Nevada 5 %
Idaho 3.1 %
Florida 1.9 %
Georgia 0.9 %

And among these six states, Florida had the highest seasonally adjusted annual home sales rate in the second quarter this year:

Florida 422,400 units
Georgia 178,400 units
Arizona 170,400 units
Nevada 100,000 units
Idaho 40,000 units
Wyoming         9,600 units

Compared to all other U.S. states, Florida’s seasonally adjusted sales rate was also among the

California 439,600 units
Texas 437,200 units
Florida 422,400 units
Ohio 231,600 units
New York 206,400 units
Illinois 175,200 units
Georgia 178,400 units
Arizona 170,400 units
Pennsylvania 154,400 units
North Carolina         135,600 units
Michigan 133,600 units
New Jersey 104,800 units
Virginia 104,000 units
Tennessee 102,400 units
Massachusetts 102,000 units
Nevada 100,000 units

Nationwide, the rate of year-over-year decrease in seasonally adjusted annual home sales was 12.7 percent, with the biggest drop in the Northeast, at nearly 20 percent. Following was the Midwest, with a drop of 18.3 percent. The drop in the South was 9.9 percent while the drop in the West was 6.2 percent, the smallest drop rate.

The seasonally adjusted annual home sales rate was 4.86 million units, with the South posting the most number of sales at 1.887 million units. The West posted 1.157 million units, the Midwest had 1.053 million units while the Northeast had 763,000 units.

Florida homes for sale are still among the most desired real estate in the country because of
advantages that include the following:

Pleasant weather all year round. The sun comes out nearly 300 days of the year in Florida. The state is the prime winter destination for Canadians, fondly called snow birds, escaping the brutal cold of Canada’s winters. Foreigners, retirees, artists, vacationers, travelers and adventurers all love Florida’s sunshine, sunset, shores and beaches.

Preponderance of waterfront homes. Florida’s lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and bays, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico provide the state with lots of places to build homes with access to water and to great water views.

Tax-friendly state. Florida does not collect state income tax from residents and offers real estate tax exemption to homeowners and additional exemptions to special groups such as seniors, veterans, and the handicapped. It also provides generous tax credits to job-creating enterprises.

Natural and man-made pleasure-giving amenities. Nature parks, beaches, lakes, rivers, trails, museums, theme parks, historic sites, zoos, amusement parks, shops, restaurants, cruise ports abound in Florida.

Indeed, because of these things and more, Florida homes for sale are still among the most desired. Contact today Tampa4U.com to look at beautiful, affordable TAMPA HOMES FOR SALE.