Month: August 2009

Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours on Yahoo

We get this message a lot from Yahoo. Some of them will go thru after 4 days when it’s already too late. Most of them will not send. When we did a search online we found out we’re not the only one having this problem. Solution? Open a Gmail account. Tell your Yahoo clients to use Gmail instead. Now we…

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Saving Money With a Rainwater Cistern

Homeowners are looking for any way possible to save money in order to save more. The rainwater cistern could help do just that. Rainwater may not be potable 100% of the time, but that does not mean the water cannot be used to run the washing machine, sink, shower and toilets in the home. A complete cistern system with filtration…

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Simple Facts About a Mortgage

A mortgage is the term used to describe the loan acquired for the purchase of a home. Like any other form of credit, the lender agrees to pay for the home based on a set of rules and regulations regarding the repayment of that loan. The mortgage for a home may be lower than the total price of the home…

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