Month: March 2009

Loan Terms You Should Understand

Before seeking for asset funding from financial institutions you need to be aware of the terms and conditions that come along with the loans. Rate of Interest Charged When getting a loan, knowing the rates charge to make use of the credit offered is very essential. This is because the interest charged on the loan determines your monthly payment and…

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In spite of the dramatic slow down in real estate, Tampa4U Realty remain extremely busy serving the needs of both buyers and sellers of real estate in the Tampa Bay area. We have remained so busy some of our agents are starting to get overwhelmed. We are therefore on the look out for  a few highly motivated, young, computer savvy…

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Short Sales Today

Those searching for the best housing bargains on the market might consider buying a short-sale property, but there’s an important qualification for buyers interested in going this route: They need plenty of patience. In a short sale, a homeowner’s lender agrees to accept less than is owed on the mortgage for the property. It’s a useful alternative for borrowers underwater…

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Buy NOW, Think LATER

Most people are aware of this but for some reason some people are still holding out and waiting.. if you can, buy now! There are so many reasons why right now is the time to buy. Today, right now, is the time to act. Here’s why: Mortgage rates are extremely low, lower than they have been for many years.As a…

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De-cluttering Your House

Most sellers know of some repairs that need to be made to their home and a lot of sellers have many items on that list, but not all repairs or rather, not all home improvements rank high in the buyer’s mind. Finding out which repairs will help you sell your home helps you create a solid list to work on….

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Selling Your Home Today

Even though now doesn’t seem to be the ideal time to sell your home if you can hold out, but if you must, you can take heart in knowing that small actions may make a difference in getting your home sold. Scentmosphere isn’t exactly new but it is rapidly becoming a way to attempt to attract buyers. So, right now…

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Short Sale Versus Foreclosure – The Two Beasts Are Not the Same

Okay – there comes a time when a real estate agent is tired is watching television and surfing the Internet only to find the wrong information on short sales and foreclosures. With 50% of all homes in a negative equity situation or living without any equity at all – the foreclosure / short sale battle has begun. It must be…

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Home Burglary

Now that many people have taken advantage of our buyers market and settled into their dream home, it’s time to start thinking about the security of your home. For many homeowners, security is an afterthought but this year one out of every six homes will be burglarized and burglars only need about sixty seconds to break into a home, that’s…

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Business Card: The Marketing Tool in Real Estate

For a real estate company, a proper business card can be very useful since it is the first tool used in marketing. The real estate market is very competitive and so first impression is considered very fundamental. The card will serve as a tool for this purpose. This means that in normal circumstances, the real estate business card should be…

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