7 Reasons Why Westchase Tampa Is A Much Desired Community

The Westchase Tampa masterplanned community is a dream community. It has everything that individuals, couples and families need from a community. Its development and growth was in close partnership with residents, putting the needs of the residents among the top development goals. The Westchase Community Association was established almost at the same time the community blossomed with the first 700 families that settled in Westchase.

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1. Westchase is well-known as an upscale masterplanned community that offers residents an abundance of urban amenities and wide open green spaces.

Westchase residents are happy and proud they live in Westchase. Within Westchase are the community parks Baybridge Park and Glencliff Park which have shaded playgrounds and pavilions, the Swim & Tennis Center Pools, the two Westchase Town Centers, the Publix Supermarket Center, tennis courts, trails, sports centers, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shops, sidewalks, banks, professional offices, lakes and top-rated schools.

There’s also the Westchase Golf Course, one of Tampa Bay’s top golf courses and is considered by TripAdvisor’s traveler-reviewers as one of the best attractions in Tampa.

2. Westchase’s location is among the best in Tampa Bay, as it’s near where cities and counties converge.

In a few minutes, residents can go west to Clearwater and the Gulf beaches, go south to St. Petersburg, go north to New Port Richey or Land O’ Lakes, go east to the University of South Florida, dash southeast to the Tampa International Airport or to downtown Tampa.

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Westchase Elementary School
9517 W Linebaugh Ave., Tampa 33626

This school is rated 10 by GreatSchools.org. Comments on the site describe the school, teachers and administrators as excellent and fabulous. Current student enrollment is 1,226.

Among Westchase’s honors are Grade A School honors from 2000 to 2014, recognition as a Five Star School, District Area 2 Battle of the Books Champions in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and 2014 District Robotic Champions.

Lowry Elementary School
11505 Country Hollow Dr, Tampa 33635

Lowry, serving 849 students, is rated 9 out of 10 by GreatSchools.org and is rated 4- to 5-stars by reviewers on education.com, realtor.com, schooldigger.com. The school’s PTA motto is “Every Child’s Potential is a Reality.”

Davidsen Middle School
10501 Montague St., Tampa 33626

This school, with current student enrollment of 960, is also highly rated on GreatSchools.org and by reviewers on Google+.

Alonso High School
8302 Montague St., Tampa 33635

Alonso, with a total of 2,594 students, is also highly rated on GreatSchools.org. Reviewers recognize the efforts of teachers, great learning experiences and the Saturday Success program.

4. The Westchase Community Association is active and well-managed by residents.

The association epitomizes Westchase’s great sense of community. Take a quick look at the website westchasewca.com and you’ll see events, news, and almost every community information that you need. Westchase’s history shows that this association was a big factor in the continued growth of Westchase as a community.

The ir newsmagazine World of Westchase (WOW), at westchasewow.com, can compete with others in terms of design and its content serves everyone — residents, guests, business owners, professionals, students and families.

5. Westchase consists of several villages or neighborhoods each with a unique concept, look and style of living but exhibiting the same characteristics: close-knit community, urban amenities and sustainable use of nature.

These are Westchase’s villages:

Berkeley Square
The Bridges
The Enclave
The Fords
The Greens
Harbor Links/The Estates
Keswick Forest
Saville Rowe
The Shires
The Vineyards
West Park Village

West Park Village became well-known across Florida for its successful implementation of the Traditional Neighborhood Design or New Urbanism — a concept putting emphasis on family, neighbors and community.

6.  Westchase residents are surrounded by nature.

More than 550 acres out of 2,029 acres have been set aside for conservation areas, wetlands and lakes. Existing trees were preserved and new trees were planted by homebuilders and reclaimed water is used for irrigation and lawn care. There are also many properties that installed Premier Grass in Brisbane and they love it a lot.  In 1992, Westchase was honored by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council with its Herman Goldner Award.

7.  Westchase is among the wealthiest zip codes in Hillsborough County.

Surely it feels good to live in an upscale community. In addition to living the Florida feel-good live-well lifestyle, home values continue to move upward.

Sales of Westchase Tampa Homes in the First 9 Months of 2015

A total of 204 Westchase Tampa homes were sold over the 9-month period from January 1 to September 30 this year. The sold price ranged from $137,000, paid for a townhouse, to $780,000, paid for a single family home.
The most expensive home sold is a four-bedroom-plus-den-and-loft, five-bath single-family home on a conservation area and was purchased for $780,000.
The median sold price is $346,250. The lower-priced homes are condos and townhouses.

A total of 36 homes were paid in cash, and the two most expensive homes paid in cash are both located near the golf course:
. a Custom Arthur Rutenberg 4-bedroom, 3-bath single family home located in an oversized conservation lot near the golf course. It was purchased for $737,500.
. a 4-bedroom, 3-bath single family home located in a conservation lot near the golf course and was purchased for $663,825.