Where the Most Popular Sarasota Homes Are

In June, zip code 34293 had the most number of Sarasota homes sold, based on data from the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR).  This zip code includes the communities of South Venice, Venice Gardens, Lake of the Woods and places along the South Tamiami Trail.  It is south and east of the Venice Municipal Airport and bounded on the west and south by the Venetian Waterway Park. Access to beautiful lakes, Lemon Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico is definitely one of the attractions of this community.  This South Venice community sold 83 homes in June, with a median sales price of $132,000.

The five other top-selling Sarasota communities in June were the following zip codes:

1. 34293    83 homes    Lake of the Woods, Venice Gardens, South Venice
2. 34231    75 homes    Gulf Gate Estates, Ridge Wood Heights, Oyster Bay, Red Bug Slough
3. 34232    66 homes    Sarasota Springs, Fruitville, Eastwoods, Glen Oaks Estates
4. 34242    61 homes    Siesta Key, Beach Road, Ocean Blvd
5. 34238    61 homes    Central Sarasota Parkway, Potter Park

Zip code 34231 is another community along a bay, the Roberts Bay.  It also has places along the Tamiami Trail. This community sold a total of 75 homes in June, the second biggest home sales in Sarasota.

Siesta Key, the third best-selling community is a top destination for vacationers, as its beaches are known all over the world for their amazing beauty.  The Siesta Beach was chosen in 2011 as the best beach in America by Stephen P. Leatherman, director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research, who is called Dr. Beach, partially for his annual list of the Best Beaches in America.

Siesta Beach claims that its sand is the finest and whitest in the world.  It is wide and it gradually slopes into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, so it is a great place for beachcombers and volleyball players and safe for children.

The priciest Sarasota homes, based on June home sales, are found in zip codes 34228, 34242 and 34236, which are mostly homes along or near the beach.

1. 34228    $641,750    Longboat Key, Gulf of Mexico Drive
2. 34242    $442,500    Siesta Key, Beach Road, Ocean Blvd,
3. 34236    $420,000    Rosemary District, Burns Square, Central Cocoanut
4. 34240    $360,000    Historic Florida 780
5. 34229    $313,750    Osprey, Tamiami Trail

The priciest community, Longboat Key, is a long barrier island west of the northern part of Sarasota County, and lies between the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The northern half of the island belongs to Manatee County and the southern half belongs to Sarasota County. The second priciest community, which includes Rosemary District, is southeast of Sarasota Bay, and is connected to the barrier island through the John Ringling Causeway.

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